Preciosa Flat Back No Hot Fix Chaton Rose MAXIMA - Light Amethyst (20020)



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Preciosa Authorised RetailerRecognised by fashion industry professionals for their impeccable light dispersion and extreme durability, Preciosa® Flat Back Crystal Stones come in a rainbow of captivating colours and coatings. The Chaton Rose MAXIMA Flat Backs can reflect up to 264 unique rays of light, the most of any competing stone on the market, making this the world’s most brilliant Flat Back. Commonly used in costume and formal wear as well as craft projects such as mobile phone cases and footwear embellishment. Gem-Tac or gemstone glue and tweezers are recommended for best results.

SS16 Light Amethyst are available on sale in our Swarovski brand - Click here to view

Made in the Czech Republic By Preciosa Crystal Components. Genuine Preciosa® crystals guaranteed

Product code: 438-11-615/438-11-618

Colour code: 20020

Style: Foiled

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SKU: CPCCZ-20020 | Barcode: 137739

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