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Shine Trimmings & Fabrics are enthusiastic and active supporters of our aligning communities such as Calisthenics, Theatre, Dance, Performance Sports and more. From time to time we are able to provide a Shine Trimmings & Fabrics presence to a community event in the form of a promotional stand. We provide a professional presence that adds to the overall atmosphere of the event and always make sure we have many samples of our products that event participants can view, touch and learn about. Our experienced Shine costume consultants are of course always in attendance and more than happy to engage with the event audience and provide expert advice.

This promotional experience can not only help to make your event a success but also assist your organisation by inspiring your member base as well as developing their skills and knowledge in the design and production of costumes and garments.

Our latest promotional stand appointment took place at the 2019 Cali Connect conference and was enjoyed by all who attended (pictured right: One of our Shine 2m tall pull up banners) that makes up part of our promotional stand. Should you feel your organisation and its members would benefit from the presence of a Shine Trimmings & Fabrics promotional stand at your next planned event please contact us to discuss this further with us. Although we don't have infinite resources to attend every community or organisational event we are invited to we always try to assist our aligned communities to shine bright in any way that we can.


The Wanderlust Experience was a night of sparking drinks and tasty treats that celebrated the appointment of Shine as the authorised wholesaler of Swarovski crystals across Australia and New Zealand. It provided a playful and euphoric experience for the who's who of the victorian costume making community as well as many of our most valued Shine clients.
The Wanderlust Experience

The event embraced the Swarovski conceptual topics for 2018 of Freedom, Adventure, Culture & Leisure and set the attendees on a virtual journey to four completely transformed spaces around the Shine Port Melbourne premise. This journey and it's sub concepts all culminated in an overarching statement with that being 'The Wanderlust Experience'.

The event was a great success for the Shine and Swarovski partnership with all attendees enjoying themselves on the night and loving the value packed Shine/Swarovski goody bags that were provided to all.

Shine Trimmings & Fabrics will always look for new and exciting ways to continue our sponsorship and support with our aligned organisations and communities within the creative industries through the creation and hosting of periodic promotional events and appearances.

Stay tuned for more of our promotional exploits perhaps at at an organisational event that you attend near you. If you are in attendance make sure you say hi and make use of the inspiration and expertise our costume consultants can provide.

Print Media

Full page catalogue - Born to Perform Dance Festival

As part of our ongoing sponsorship with Comdance Inc (CSTD) we enlisted in a full page print advertisement (pictured left) representing Shine Trimmings & Fabrics in the Born To Perform Dance Festival 2019 official programme. The Born to Perform Dance Festival event itself was held at the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre and represents a multitude of dance styles under one roof. We further spread our support across the greater Victorian dance community by placing the advertisement into the (CSTD) Ballarat offical competition program.

As Australia's leading suppliers of fabrics and trimmings for dance, shows and productions Shine have a vested interest in assisting the dance community to prosper and thrive and enjoy doing what we can to make their performance events shine bright.

We ensured our stands marketing images featured vibrant dancers in motion (from the latest Shine Trimmings & Fabrics photo shoot) which aligned perfectly with the stunning performances and amazing costumes that were seen on the night of the competition.

Be sure to look out for Shine Trimmings & Fabrics print media advertisements in your local competition catalogue and/or newsletter and don’t be surprised if you find us in there. We shall continue to support our wider community through advertising via the various channels that are available.


A full page print advertisement (pictured below) representing Shine Trimmings & Fabrics was placed in the Theatrical Dance Festival programme that took place on 30th June 2018. Just one of the many opportunities that Shine chooses to advertise within and thus supporting the wider community.

Theatrical Dance Festival 2018

This is a typical example of Shine partnering with our aligned organisations for the benefit of all parties concerned through the medium of print media. Shine attempts to regularly support events and organisations within our broader community including dance, calisthenics, theatre & fashion organisations. We do this in a variety of ways which also include print advertising. Advertising space we may purchase includes but is not limited to catalogues, sponsorship deals, special events and targeted discounts for community groups.

Shine will continue to look for different ways and means to support our community whether it be though buying print media space or otherwise. We recognise that the financial benefits obtained from partnering community groups can be enormously enabling at a grass roots level and also appreciate the brand awareness and sales that it may generate Shine throughout the duration of the promotional event.

Be sure to look out for Shine Trimmings & Fabrics print media advertisements in your local competition catalogue and/or newsletter and don't be surprised if you find us in there. We shall continue to support our wider community through advertising via the various channels that are available.


print article in stage whispers magazine about Shine
An early and retrospective Shine Trimmings & Fabrics print advertisement placed in (Stage Whispers Magazine - a local media resource for Australian performance industry) that is fantastic to remind us of what we set out to accomplish when Shine Trimmings & Fabrics was first created. The images were photographed in and around the stage at Crown casino (Southbank, VIC) in front of the tremendous red stage curtains. It shows the connection between Shine and the world of performance whether it be theatre, dance, fashion or any form of performance artistry for that matter.

The Stage Whispers Magazine was once a printed magazine but is now 100% online and supports all things stage by providing relevant reviews, directories, jobs listings and other community information. Shine Trimmings & Fabrics was featured in its August 2014 edition.

The encompassing article provides a complete snap shot of Shine including our level of involvement within the industry, our staff expertise & history in the performance art sector. It summarises our product range as well as touching on our international stockists which span Europe, Japan, Asia and America.

Digital Media

An Australia Post advertising campaign launched nationally online and via Television partnering local Melbourne performance artist (Colin Mclean aka Polly Filla). The campaign features the use of the Shine Trimmings & Fabrics website as well as the arrival of quality fabrics & trimmings purchased online from the Shine online store.

A great illustration of the customer experience received by all when ordering online from Shine Trimmings & Fabrics.


CSTD website banner

Partnering with Comdance Inc (CSTD) again we contributed as a sponsor through the provision of an online banner (pictured above) that represents the essence of Shine Trimmings & Fabrics and is featured on the Comdance Inc website home page. A small contribution but it represents our continued support of the performing arts industry, the local dance community in particular.


A short video commercial (duration 45 seconds) that was produced in-conjunction with the Big Screen TV team as part of a Shine broad marketing campaign aimed at the television audience. The video showcases the Shine Trimmings & Fabrics retail store located at 421 Graham Street, Port Melbourne along with a selected range of the thousands of fabrics & trimmings that are on offer within it.

Although the video is no longer utilised in current marketing campaigns it has captured the colours, diversity and vibrancy of the Shine store and its overall brand splendidly.

Feel free to have a watch!


Making Your Own Costume Shine

Tanya Szulc from Shine Trimmings & Fabrics says making your own costumes should not seem like a daunting task.

Taking an initial design through to a successful costume might feel like a difficult journey, however if you follow our guidelines, you will increase your chances of success immensely.

Initial Design

Research your theme and costume requirements thoroughly. Make sure your design will also match the music if required. Pinterest has some fabulous ideas, as does the Shine Instagram account. Discover what are the important design elements that your costume will need to portray the look, feel and/or era that you are looking to capture.

A costume may need to have a high shine/sparkle element, ensuring it looks effective under stage lights, or perhaps it needs to portray movement with draping/flowing fabric or trims, or capture the feel of an era gone by. Determining these factors and incorporating them into your design is a crucial step in developing your fabulous costume. Shine have excellent design templates you can download from our website.

Create a concept sketch of your costume. Include as many notations as you can into your concept sketch to help guide you through the construction process. These notations will ensure your overarching costume concept is not lost in creation. The colours, fabrics, trimmings and embellishments you intend to select for your costume should also be noted in your design.


An extensive list of measurements should be obtained from the intended recipient of the costume. Accurate measurements provide you with the information you need to calculate the lengths of fabric you require and also allow you determine the cost of your creation.

Ensuring a costume fits its recipient well is crucial. Again the Shine template you downloaded from our site is perfect for this step and provides you with a document that you can continually refer back to throughout the entire construction process.

Choosing your fabrics and trimmings

Take the time to thoroughly search for quality fabrics, trimmings and embellishments that will best achieve the design you have worked hard to develop. Obtaining samples will ensure that the fabrics and trimmings you have chosen for your costume are true to colour, have the necessary look/texture/feel/stretch required for your creation and are complementary to one another.

Once you have confirmed your choices it’s time to order/purchase your selected fabrics, trimmings and embellishments. Shine Trimmings & Fabrics stock over 12,000 products which can be viewed on our website or in our Port Melbourne retail store. We ship direct to your doorstep worldwide.


A dressmaker’s mannequin is an ideal tool at this stage, however if you do not have access to one, the next best option is a dressmakers bodyboard. A bodyboard is a flat, stiff template which you can stretch your costume on, ensuring your costume will look great and will also fit the natural curves and shapes of a body. These are perfect when you commence beading & decorating the costume.

Plan how you are going to construct your costume before beginning construction. Ensuring you know which step you need to do before another will save you time and mistakes. If you’re ever unsure how to proceed simply seek advice from an experienced costume maker/designer or Shine Trimmings & Fabrics. The team at Shine are highly qualified in costume making, fashion design or dance, and are always happy to help.

Looking forward to making your creation Shine.

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