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56 Things to Take to a Dancing Competition


CompetitionChecklistI don't know about you but we at Shine are always getting to competitions, and thinking "I wish I had..." so with comps in full swing we though now would be the perfect time to put our heads together and come up with our ultimate competition packing list of 55 things that you need to cary in your Dream Duffle.

Download Printable PDF Checklist



1.            All Costumes

2.            Dream Duffle Case

3.            Dream Duffle Seat

4.            Headpieces

5.            Accessories inc. Gloves, socks etc

6.            All Dance Shoes required

7.            Extra Stockings

8.            Earrings

9.            Undergarments

10.            Props

11.            Spare Bra Straps

12.            Warm Up Clothes



13.            Make-Up including Lipstick

14.            Make-Up Brushes

15.            Eyelash Glue

16.            False Eyelashes

17.            Sharpener

18.            Make-Up Remover

19.            Mirror

20.            Tissues

21.            Hollywood Tape

22.            Nail Polish Remover

23.            Nail File



24.            Hair Spray

25.            Hair Brush/ Comb

26.            Hair Elastics

27.            Extra Bun Nets

28.            Hair Pins

29.            Hair Straighter/ Curling Iron

30.            Shine Glitter Hair Spray

31.            Hair Pieces (wigs/ donut etc)



32.            Camera

33.            Dressing Gown

34.            Slip on Shoes

35.            Lanyards for Backstage Pass

36.            Program

37.            Highlighter & Pen

38.            Entry Forms

39.            Bottled Water

40.            Snacks



41.            Sewing Repair Kit

42.            Thread to match each costume

43.            Scissors

44.            Extra Sequins/ Diamantes

45.            Glue

46.            Safety pins

47.            Ice Pack

48.            Band-Aids

49.            Extra Shoe Laces

50.            Extra Elastic



51.            Music CD’s and Backup CD’s

52.            Music Player for Practice

53.            Lighting Sheets

54.            Phone Numbers of all Team Members

55.            Phone

56.            Chargers



Make sure everything is labeled.

Check for pins in costumes.

A Sequin for Good Luck


Good Luck and may your performance Shine!

Don't forget to share with us all in the comments below any tips or additions to the list.

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