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A Moment With... John Walton

Stunt Coordinator | Safety Supervisor | Stunt Actor

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When did you first enter the industry?

John Walton (JW)

I was working as a security guard at a Brisbane nightclub in 1989, when Mission Impossible was being filmed around the corner.  There were gunshots, screeching of car tyres and lots of action, which drew my attention to the location.  I spoke to a stuntman working on the film and asked what qualifications I needed in becoming a Stuntman.  That’s when I realized I had been training most of my life and developed all the skills required.

STF: What training is required to be a Stuntman?

JW: Physical fitness is a major part of being a stuntman.  I have trained in Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Motocross Riding & Judo for many years.  Also, years of working as a stockman in the Northern Territory has given me valuable experience on horseback.  I’ve had to undertake precision driving course’s, High Falls, as well as learn to set myself on fire using a naked burn (which is bare skin on fire).  You need to train prior to a role in order to make yourself more employable.

STF: Which movies have you appeared in and what Actors have you worked with?

JW: I played a gangster being thrown out of Leonardo DiCaprio’s party in The Great Gatsby, have just finished filming Gods of Egypt as Geoffrey Rush stunt double, worked on San Andreas with the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) in Queensland, I’ve worked with Ang Lee, on the Life of Pi as a safety supervisor, had a Fight scene with Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible II and recently finished filming The Moon & the Sun with Pierce Bronson in Flinders, Victoria.


Other movie credits include Mad Max: Fury Road with Tom Hardy in Africa, The Water Diviner with Russell Crowe in South Australia, The Reckoning, Drive Hard, The Railway Man with Colin Firth & Nicole Kidman, Bait, Fatal Honeymoon, Sanctum, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, H20: Just Add Water, Australia with Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman, Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage, Superman Returns, All Saints (TV Series), Stealth with Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel & Jamie Foxx, Feed with Alex O’Loughlin, Moulin Rouge, Always Greener (TV Series), Risk as Bryan Brown’s Stunt Double, Dark City as a stunt double, The Phantom with Billy Zane & Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mission Impossible II with Tom Cruise, Water Rats (TV Series) and Matrix Trilogy, just to name a few.

STF: If someone was thinking about becoming a Stuntman/Women, what advise would you give them?

JW:  If anyone was thinking of becoming a stuntman, all you need to do is build up your qualifications and attach yourself to a group within the industry.  The more ability you have, the more employable you are in different roles.

Appearing in over 50 movies, John loves the variety of roles by showcasing his wide range of talents working as a Stunt Double, Stunt Coordinator and Actor.  Working in many different locations around the world is the spice of life for a Stuntman.

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