The Pattern Drafter – Adult




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Create dress, sleeve and pant patterns in minutes.

Kit Contains:
– The Pattern Drafting Ruler
– Step-by-step Instruction/design Book

THE PATTERN DRAFTER has all the rulers you’ll need built into one handy tool. It has all dimensions calculated for you thus eliminating the need for you to do any lengthy and challenging mathematics. You simple follow the step-by-step instructions starting with how to take your basic measurements. Then, you transfer these measurements onto paper using THE PATTERN DRAFTER.
The Block Pattern is made to any measurement, ensuring a perfect fit. It is then ready to use as it is or it can be modified into any design imaginable.

THE PATTERN DRAFTER is used to make all the Block Patterns needed for dresses, tops, shirts, jackets, skirt, sleeves, collars, jumpsuits, bathers, leggings and pants for men, women and teens. You will never need to buy a pattern again. It’s the easy way of making clothes that will always fit perfectly and be an original design.

You use THE PATTERN DRAFTER to make Block Patterns for bodice, sleeves, collar and pants, for men, women and teens in any shape and size. Measurements on the ruler are from 80cm to 138cm for chest/bust, waist and hips.

THE PATTERN DRAFTER is designed for beginners, students and professionals.

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