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Mural Celebrating Our Community

Shine Community Mural

10 Years

10 Years Of Shine

To mark the milestone of 10 years since Shine opened our doors in 2012, we commissioned a bright, colourful and larger than life mural to be painted on our outside side wall by the renown french artist 'Caroline Lejeune' at our retail showroom in Graham Street, Port Melbourne.

Caroline is known for her realistic and beautiful feminine figures that feature prominently in her work around Melbourne and this artistic partnership is sure to shine bright. Work began on the 7th November 2022 and was completed on 21st December 2022.

Celebrating Shines 10th Birthday

Celebrating Our Community

We wanted to recognise and celebrate the symbiotic relationship between Shine, the performance art industry and our amazing and loyal customers; who of course are ultimately the reason we have been able to arrive at this historic 10 year date.

The mural embodies and celebrates many of our customers performance genres including Showgirls, Ballet, Dance, Calisthenics, Theatre, Cabaret, Drag, Circus, Ballroom and many more (in fact at least one of our customers is actually depicted within it). The artwork is filled with larger than life characters and captures a moment of performance for all passers-by and on lookers to see and appreciate.

A Beacon For The Performance Industries

The mural is alive and performing both day and night with evening lighting installed ensuring it remains a beacon of light for Shine and all of our allied performance industries for many years to come. It has become a destination for individuals in our community, photo opportunists and mural/street art enthusiasts as well as a bright and colourful artwork showcasing our community.

Bringing It To Life

The transformation of our 15m wide x 6m high side wall began its journey on the 7th of November. Our French mural artist Caroline Lejeune applied her artistic talents over the coming weeks and striking performance artists began to appear one by one.

The mural has not only transformed the wall but has brought the surrounding space to life as well.

We could not be happier with the outcome and encourage all members of the performance community to visit.

Birthday Celebrations Open Day

To further celebrate our 10th birthday we invited the entertainment community to join us for a memorable event at our Port Melbourne showroom on Monday 5th December 2022.

The day was filled with product sales, special give aways and the drawing of our Makers competition with winners receiving a $300 Shine gift card. It also showcased a variety of performers representing many of the entertainment genres including Ballerina's, Drag shows, dance performances, Showgirls and more.

We'd like to thank all who attended and look forward to seeing you all in 2023 and beyond.


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