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Introducing The World Of Preciosa

Introducing the world of Preciosa

Cracks in the Crystal Market

With flaring news of Swarovski’s decision to stop supply of crystal components worldwide due to reports of the companies financial problems and its attempt to reposition itself in the high end luxury market place, ‘PRECIOSA’, a Bohemian crystal producer is now emerging as the worlds leading supplier of quality crystals world wide. Swarovski’s CEO Robert Buchbauer has recently announced sweeping job cuts across the Swarovski empire, the imminent decommission of it’s crystal wholesale division and a new vision for the company to deliver far fewer and more higher priced crystal products.

Stepping up to supply the worlds appetite for quality cut crystals is PRECIOSA, a world leading producer of cut Bohemian crystal that have a tradition spanning over 470 years of fine crystal and glass component making. Based in the Czech Republic (Crystal Valley – The original birthplace of Bohemian crystal), the humble beginnings of PRECIOSA are deeply rooted in one small location in the town of Zásada. A strikingly beautiful part of the Czech landscape located in northern Bohemia which is abundant with the unique natural resources necessary for fine crystal and glass making.

Preciosa logo

The Preciosa Brand

The Kylie DressRecognised globally by fashion industry professionals for their impeccable light dispersion and extreme durability PRECIOSA regularly partner with top shelf accomplished Artists, Designers, and Jewellers bringing light and sparkle to their work. Creations from high end fashion houses encrusted with PRECIOSA crystals can be seen on every notable catwalk from the biggest event in the fashion calendar, 'New York Fashion Week', to Miss Universe to Victoria's Secret collection to many, many more.

KOLCHAGOV BARBA - A London based haute design duo who were responsible for Miss Minogue’s golden crystal-covered look on her international Golden tour, now known as “the Kylie dress.” (pictured right). An iconic garment now mimicked by by many socialites and public figurers including 'Kylie Jenner' no less.

CHRISTIAN COWAN – A young designer also from London who has burst on to the scene and become something of an overnight sensation in the fashion design world. His work possesses a lively spirit with immense creative prowess culminating in standout designs.

With an affinity for unique materials within his creations such as vinyl, feathers, mesh, and sequin looks his work can be seen on the New York Fashion Week catwalk and are regularly worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton and Cardi B. You have to say not bad at all for a 24 year old.

The Blonds with Paris Hilton at New York Fashion WeekTHE BLONDS - This dynamic designing duo of Phillipe and David Blond are responsible for over the top creations complete with spikes, chains and all manner of glitzy embellishments.

Their unique outfits have been worn by superstars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea and Beyoncé, to literally name just a few. Oh, and the pair even collaborated with Mattel on a Blond Diamond Barbie (The Blonds are pictured left at New York Fashion week with Paris Hilton). They've also partnered with such esteemed companies as Disney, NBC Universal, Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Warner Brothers, Lexus, MAC Cosmetics, Christian Louboutin, CND Beauty and Playboy Enterprises.

AREA - A New York City fashion and accessories design studio founded by designers Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Pansczczyk specialising in quality craftsmanship, textile development, and innovative embellishment. Quality crystals were clearly integral to many of their looks.

At this years New York Fashion Week a most striking creation was a crystal facemask that made multiple appearances and garnered significant media attention, notably from Vogue magazine and fashion journal WWD. Also included in the collection were a crystal poncho and multiple hairdos styled intricately with PRECIOSA crystals! The featured image at top of page is designed by AREA.

Style Influencers

Preciosa InspirationPRECIOSA are not just creators of fine crystal and glass products for the fashion/jewellery/performance/costuming world but are also global style influencers in their own right.

A quote for the PRECIOSA design team - 2020

"Repurposed fabrics and a hodgepodge of textures. With designers becoming more skilled at offering not just eclecticism, but also commercial appeal, we’ll see a second life for left-over materials, which includes hardware and embellishments. Up cycling and experimentation are on the agenda as well, though this doesn’t necessarily imply ultra-conceptual. Think more along the lines of simple silhouettes with brightly strung jewellery components that give a Scandi-DIY feel. Personalisation and monogramming are also no longer an archaic art form of generations past, and textual elements are here to stay. Just remember, if it clashes, it doesn’t. This is a season for playfulness."

Design Team PRECIOSA

A stand out of the 2020 PRECIOSA designer range was this creation (pictured right) made from small glass seedbeads from the Crystal Valley. The design team have taken inspiration from North America, Mexico and Africa with their sparkling seedbead purse, a 1920’s Charleston-style dress with fringes, and jewellery accessories typical of the First Republic era.

The Preciosa Range

The PRECIOSA range has an impressive array of crystal and glass components including Flat Back No Hot Fix Crystals, Crystal Sew On Stones, Crystal Drop Beads, Glass Seedbeeds & Glass Bugle Beads all available in a rainbow of captivating colours, coatings, shapes and all manner of sizes.

The craftsmanship is second to none with PRECIOSA combining its long standing tradition with modern tech and production techniques. Its Chaton Rose MAXIMA Flat Back No Hot Fix Crystal boasts a reflection up to 264 unique rays of light, the most of any competing stone on the market, making this the world’s most brilliant flatback hands down.

Preciosa Bugle Beads

At Shine Trimmings & Fabrics we stock a range of PRECIOSA products including Flat Back Crystals, Crystal Drop Beads, Glass Seedbeeds & Glass Bugle Beads which can be found and purchased from our website as well as in store. We intend to further broaden our range of PRECIOSA crystals and beads and invite you to sample their sparkling and innovative crystal and glass wares.

With the supply stop of Swarovski crystals imminent world wide it is now time to delve into the new and exciting world of PRECIOSA.

Preciosa product range


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